Thank you for your interest in The Brave Heart Foundation! Before submitting your application, please be sure to review the following key information about the types of projects we fund, award availability, applications requirements, and more.

Every year, we assist and support programs dedicated to serving underserved populations, helping to make a difference in our community. 

We primarily fund organizations and projects in Indiana with an emphasis on three key areas:

  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Grass Roots Community Action Programs and Services

Funding Cycle

Grants are awarded in two cycles: Spring and Fall. Application and request due dates remain the same each year:

  • April 1 for Spring funding
  • October 1 for Fall funding


Any applications received after the deadline will be held until the next funding cycle.

Grant Awards

Grant awards typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. Our mission is to help as many programs as possible. Requests above $5,000 that do not have previous approval for submission will NOT be considered.

Our Foundation requests that our funding go towards program purposes and not for solicitations or fundraising purposes.


Requests for larger funding are only accepted from those agencies who have previously received a grant from The Brave Heart Foundation and who provided the required Impact Report following receipt of grant. Requests should use the primary grant application and should only be submitted one time per year.


All grants should be submitted through the online application form, helping us to reduce paperwork and remain green. Though digital, we request you be mindful of application length, striving to keep it at the equivalent of approximately 3 pages.

Funding Follow-Up

After receiving funding from The Brave Heart Foundation, all agencies must provide an Impact Report in the year following their funding. 

This report includes:

  • How the funding was utilized
  • Whether all of the funds used
  • Program successes
  • What challenges were encountered
  • Program outcomes
  • Updated contact information (if applicable)
  • Whether tax status or program policy has changed since receiving funding

In addition, the report should educate the Board on one story and/or individual impacted by the approved funding, as well as the general story of how your agency/program was able to make a difference in the community because of this funding.

Reports should be submitted via this form.

We request that we receive only one mailing per year. Future funding will be directly weighed on the adherence to these requests.

Applications that do not adhere to all guidelines will not be considered for funding.